telos docs
This is the roadmap for Telos EVM:

Milestone 1: Testnet trials

This milestone contains some of the first user testable features of Telos EVM.
  • Runs on a testnet
  • Limited EVM and JSON-RPC compatibility
EVM as Telos smart contract
Initial work to make EVM smart contract runnable on Telos blockchain
Ethereum JSON-RPC API compatibility server
Initial work for Express.js application that offers Ethereum JSON-RPC compatible API to access Telos EVM
Architecture documentation
Developer documentation how Telos EVM is structured and how it works
Unique selling point documentation
What makes Telos EVM better than other EVM based chains
EVM test suite
An automated test suite that executes EVM compatibility tests against Telos EVM smart contract
MetaMask connectivity
Users can connect their MetaMask and see token balances
Developer community chat
Public chat for Ethereum focused developers
How to connect to the testnet
How the developers can connect to a public EVM JSON-RPC endpoint
An open-source demo app
An ERC-20 token faucet running on testnet EVM
Testnet token faucet
Get EVM TLOS and ERC-20 tokens into your MetaMask

Milestone 2: EVM and JSON-RPC compatibility on testnet

  • Runs on a testnet
  • Developers can deploy their own Telos EVM instances for local development
  • Runs automated test suites of popular EVM projects (SushiSwap, OpenZeppelin, MakerDAO)
Gas fee price list
Documentation how Telos EVM consumes gas and what developers should expect
getLogs compatibility
Solve how to make eth_getLogs API for Telos
Incompatibility documentation
How Telos EVM differs from Ethereun mainnet EVM
Developer instance automation
Automated set up and tear down of local Telos EVM test instances
JSON-RPC test methods
Implementation of time travel, account reset and other test suite specific JSON-RPC methods
JSON-RPC test wrapper
Allow running a test suite against Telos EVM from popular Solidity development frameworks like Truffle, Hardhat and OpenZeppelin
Developer tutorial
A simple Solidity Hello World application on Telos EVM for developers
Blockchain explorer
A basic open-source blockchain explorer that allows you to see EVM transactions on testnet
Complex DApp example
An example of complex DApp ported to the testnet (Uniswap, Aave, others)

Milestone 3: First mainnet release

EVM readiness for real-word DApps and decentralised finance.
  • Mainnet launch with an alpha state
EVM deployment on mainnet
The first deployment of EVM contract on the mainnet
Advanced blockchain explorer
A SaaS blockchain explorer that can do verified contracts, token transfer maps and all features DeFi users expect
Public JSON-RPC endpoint
Developer friendly JSON-RPC endpoints for testnet and mainnet
Websocket Support
Websockets to connect to the RPC endpoints.
TheGraph integration
TheGraph backend for the Telos EVM chains

Milestone 4: Additional ecosystem improvements

First DeFi applications running on Telos EVM on mainnet
ERC-20 bridge
Easily moving tokens between Telos EVM mainnet and other EVM based blockchains
Telos native and EVM smart contract integration
SDK for integrating between native Telos smart contracts and EVM based contracts
Block producer modifications
Any modifications needed for block producers or system contracts to make Telos EVM more attractive than other EVM based chains as a DApp execution environment
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