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Why Integrate Telos Cloud Wallet?

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In today's rapidly evolving Web3 landscape, user-friendliness is the key to mass adoption. Telos Cloud Wallet (powered by ORE ID), is a game-changer in this regard. It offers an intuitive, single-click login experience, eliminating the complexity traditionally associated with blockchain applications. Whether you're involved in gaming, DeFi, or NFTs, integrating Telos Cloud Wallet can significantly streamline user onboarding and increase engagement.

Advantags to Using Telos Cloud Wallet

Exceptional User Onboarding

Single-Click OAuth Logins: Telos Cloud Wallet makes it incredibly easy for users to create wallets through familiar social media logins, thereby reducing entry barriers.


Current Options: Google
Future Options: Facebook and Email

Unmatched Conversion Rates

High User Retention: Telos Cloud Wallet boasts nearly a 90% conversion rate for wallet creation, a staggering contrast to the single-digit rates seen with traditional blockchain wallets.


  • Multi-Chain Compatibility: Seamlessly compatible with Telos EVM and Telos Zero, Telos Cloud Wallet ensures a fluid experience across multiple blockchain ecosystems.
    • WalletConnect 2.0: Supported for EVM interactions.
    • Universal Authenticator Library (UAL): Supported for Telos Zero interactions.

Enhanced Security

PIN-Protected Encryption: Telos Cloud Wallet upholds stringent security measures by encrypting and storing users' private keys, accessible only via a self-selected PIN.

Zero Installation Hurdles

No Additional Software: Users can interact with your Dapp without the need for third-party installations like MetaMask.

Future-Ready Support

Upcoming Features: Get ahead with future support for WharfKit, WalletConnect 2.0, and Key Export.

Profit and Engagement

Increased Profitability: With simplified logins and high conversion rates, Telos Cloud Wallet not only increases user sign-ups but also boosts overall engagement and profit.


For a demo of the Telos Cloud Wallet user flow, see the example on the Telos Web Wallet

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Learn More

To understand how to integrate Telos Cloud Wallet into your application, refer to the comprehensive guides published by the ORE ID team:


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