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DApps on Telos EVM

Launch Your Ethereum DApp on Telos


This document aims to help developers launch their existing dApps on Telos. In this section, you will find a series of resources that will detail:

  • The basics of the Telos platform.
  • How to connect to the network.
  • How to use your existing tools and environments in developing and deploying on Telos.
  • Common pitfalls you may encounter when running your dapp on Telos.

Platform Basics

Telos EVM is an implementation of the Ethereum EVM. It is written as a smart contract in EOSIO(C++) and runs on top of the native network. DApps built on the Telos EVM will run similarly to how they run on Ethereum, but with several key differences; namely, tEVM will execute transactions orders of magnitude faster and cheaper than on Ethereum.

Accessing Telos

There are several ways developers can connect with Telos, as seen below:

Automatically on Teloscan

Head over to Teloscan Explorer

  • Click Sign In. Using MetaMask


  • Connect with MetaMask


Connect via Chainlist

Telos Mainnet Settings:

Telos Testnet Settings:

Telos Websockets:

  • Testnet : wss://

  • Mainnet: wss://