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Answers to frequently asked questions about Telos.

Feel free to visit Telos Knowledge base for additional help.

Introduction and Overview

What is Telos?

  • Telos is a decentralized blockchain system that provides scalable solutions and resources for developers to build the future of web3.

What is the TEVM?

Telos EVM is a smart contract hosted on the Telos Zero network(written in Leap C++ with half second block times). Thus there is no mem pool or front running due to the speed of execution and fixed gas rates. The EVM on Telos is compatible with the existing frameworks on Ethereum such as Hardhat, Truffle, and Brownie. Telos RPC specification is identical to Ethereum's making it easy to port over existing DApps or build from scratch with a wide range of developer tools.

ECOSYSTEM The Telos EVM launched in November 2021, since then it has 40+ Dapps.

When was Telos Launched?

Telos was launched in 2018 and has had no downtime meaning it hasn't stopped producing blocks.

Where can I learn about Telos Tokenomics?

Tokenomics Overview

General Questions

Do you have an Announcement Channel?

Telos Token

  • TLOS is the native currency.
  • Supply of 355,208,371
  • TLOS is the native currency which can be bridged onto the EVM here


Where can I purchase Telos?

Kucoin, Huobi,, Uniswap, SushiSwap, Cryptolocally, BitFinex, Bitget, ApeSwap, BKEX, MEXC Global, Probit Global, PancakeSwap

Where can I bridge Telos from other blockchain networks?

How do I get Testnet Telos

Checkout our guide here

Technical Questions

How is Telos Secured?

Telos uses Delegated proof-of-stake +aBFT to maintain consensus. Holders of TLOS are able to use their holdings as a means of participating in elections by voting for groups of validators. Telos is secured by 100+ nodes across the globe.

What Block explorers does Telos provide?

Block Explorers

How does Telos handle Governance?

Telos is a very decentralized network, owned by token holders who all contribute to decision making via on-chain voting. Network operating rules are stored and amended on-chain as well.

Check out Telos Decide Governance System

How do I add Telos to MetaMask?

Guide is over here

What is REX and how does it work?

REX is the resource exchange powered by the Telos Zero network. Users can stake REX for an API up to 14%. REX is responsible for all the actions on Antelope that enable users and builders to buy, sell, stake resources in order to perform actions on-chain and accrue TLOS tokens.

Staking Questions

How do I stake TELOS?


Where do I get started?

Check out the quickstarts:

- [EVM](/quickstart/evm/create_apps_using_thirdweb)
- [Zero](/quickstart/zero/accounts)

or come ask questions in our Telegram channels