telos docs
Getting Started for Developers
Welcome developers.
This section is for developers interested in developing Telos Native dApps or bringing current Ethereum EVM based dApps over to deploy on tEVM.
This section will guide you through the following topics:
  1. 1.
    An overview is provided regarding Telos Blockchain Network:
  2. 2.
    Telos EVM
    • EVM Compatibility
    • Developing & Deploying on tEVM
    • Verifying smart contracts using Sourcify for Teloscan
  3. 3.
    • Platform and Toolchain
    • Development Environment
    • Telos contracts and Smart Contract development
    • Templates and Tutorials
If you are new to developing for EOSIO-based smart contracts (like Telos Native) or Ethereum-based smart contracts (tEVM), navigate to our external developer guides here.
For latest Telos Core Developer Updates, click here.
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