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Telos Decide Web App Guide

An extensive walkthrough of votign on the Telos Decide web app


  • Have a Telos Account setup
  • Anchor wallet. If you don't have an Anchor wallet, you can download one here
  • Native TLOS currency
  • System Resources: NET, RAM, CPU (See the guide below for obtainting)

Instructions to Place Your Vote:

Navigate to Telos APP and Login

app-telos-net new homepage

Following Signers/Wallets are currently supported:

  • Anchor Wallet
  • Cleos (advanced user command line, not be covered in this article)

Log in with Anchor Wallet

While other options are available, we are focusing on Anchor for this tutorial.

  • After you click the Anchor icon, it will prompt you to Launch Anchor.

  • Once you launch Anchor, there will be an identity request sent. Sign the identity request in your wallet that pops up then you will be logged in. Please note that both the Anchor desktop and mobile wallets are supported.

  • NOTE: In very rare cases, you may need to reset/reboot your Anchor wallet if there is no signing request.

app-telos-net login screen

app-telos-net anchor login

Please note: If your account is “fresh” or you are missing required resources, this may result in an error message. Please refer to How to manage RAM and How to manage CPU and NET. This will resolve the issues in most instances.

Click on proposals in the top menue

This is the section where all proposals are launched and voted on by participants with their TLOS!

app-telos-net welcome page

Find the proposal you wish to interact with & vote by clicking on the button under the amendment of your interest to cast a vote.

app-telos-net welcome page

Join DAO (Group).

If you are not yet a DAO (Group) member owning the proposal you wish to vote for, you can join by selecting "JOIN DAO first." Please approve the transaction. You are now a member of the DAO and all set to participate in the Telos governance!

app telos net join dao first

Place your vote.

app-telos-net proposal screen

After clicking vote, it will prompt you to sign the transaction to cast a vote.

app-telos-net sign vote

Details about all voting accounts and their % weight on the vote are available if you click on the "Number of Accounts"

app-telos-net proposal voter details

Once the transaction executes a success green notification will pop up, and you can also view the transactions on the sidebar.

app-telos-net transaction history

Now that you can vote and participate in Telos Goverance. Take action and enjoy Digital Freedom!!

Click “DAOs” to Register as a Voter (optional)

The Telos Decide engine supports various entities and groups, also called DAOs, that can utilize our governance tools for their purpose. The flexibility makes it a preferred tool for DAOs or projects that would like to hear a community voice.

You can register for a "DAO" without any active proposal based on the following instruction.

Due to this great functionality, you will have to join the “Telos Governance Token” group to register as a voter once per account.

app-telos-net dao group view unregistered

Click the Register Button under Telos Governance Token

app-telos-net dao group view register

This will request a signature of the Anchor Wallet, please confirm to add you to the Governance Token Group.

app-telos-net dao group view register sign

app-telos-net dao group view registered