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Telos EVM Controller (tevmc) Guide

Coming soon.

tevmc is an upcoming python 3.x library / command line tool to help bootstrap and manage Telos EVM local, testnet and mainnet nodes through automating the startup and maintance of Telos nodes. It is geared towards inexperienced node operators for quick setup. tevmc removes the need to manually download and configure nodeos.

tevmc uses a spesific self-contained directory structure (docker) for each individual node to create a new node directory from a template for each spesific usecase (local, testnet, or mainnet). The first time you build the tevmc image, it will populate the different config files based on the unified config file (tevmc.json). After the docker images are built, the node can be launched.

When the tevmc detect changes in the tevmc.json file, it will prompt the recreation of those respective config files from the template to ensure that each node is up to date.

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