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Telos Testnet Faucet

This tutorial explains how to get Telos Testnet from the Testnet Faucet for development purposes

Step 1: Open Metamask wallet

It is recommended that you set up a new wallet specifically for development to keep it separate from any other wallets.

Step 2: Set up Testnet Network Configuration

Metamask Network Config

Click the down arrow beside "Ethereum Mainnet" to open the drop-down menu, then select "Custom PRC." This will enable you to add a new network.

Enter the network paramaters below into the the corresponding space on the Add a network window.

Telos Testnet Settings:

Testnetwork configs

Step 3: Go to Telos Testnet Faucet and request 50TLOS

Go to Testnet Faucet and paste your Metamask address into the space above "SEND TESTNET EVM TLOS".

Testnet Faucet Example

Completing these steps will provide you with testnet funds to work with in your dApp development.