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Funding Your Wallet

In our previous section you got an account and wallet set up on the Telos Zero Network. In this section we are going to discuss how to obtain TLOS tokens.

The TLOS token is both the governance and resource token of the Telos network and is used for voting on network wide governance ballots, managing transaction quota and purchasing RAM.

TLOS for Testnet

You can use the Testnet Faucet to acquire Testnet TLOS. Enter your and press the SEND TESTNET TLOS button. Once completed, you will receive testnet funds to work with and write data to the blockchain.

Testnet Faucet

TLOS For Mainnet

For Users in The USA

  • Simplex
  • Users can also bridge funds from Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, see below

Users Outside The USA

Bridging From Other Chains

TLOS is the native coin of the Telos blockchain (like ETH is for Ethereum, BNB is for Binance Smart Chain). TLOS now exists on three blockchains – Telos, Ethereum and BSC. While TLOS is fundamentally used on the Telos blockchain, it is also added on other blockchains for reasons such as liquidity and exposure. They’re pegged 1:1 which means that 1 TLOS on Telos is the same as 1 TLOS on Ethereum (erc20) and BSC (bep20). You can bridge/transfer TLOS between blockchains as per your convenience and needs.

This article describes the two primary methods used to bridge TLOS. You will need a TLOS account.


Due to current circumstances we advise against using the Multichain bridge detailed in the article below. There are still other protocols available to bridge to/from Telos.


For a guided tutorial on how to bridge TLOS between different chains, click here.

From what users report, the RocketX bridge has been performing the best and pTokens has been having issues.

Also visit the Withdraw, Transfer, and Send TLOS section for details on transferring TLOS between Zero and EVM.