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Telos Zero

Developers utilize native software to build applications and work with nodes on the Telos Zero blockchain. This does not apply to EVM DApp developers unless they choose to run a node or build a Telos Zero app.

Platform & Toolchain

The Telos platform is made up of the following components and toolchain:

  • Nodeos: The core Telos node daemon that can be configured with plugins and dockers to run a node. This includes block production, dedicated API endpoints, and local development.
  • Cleos: CLI to interact with the blockchain and to manage wallets.
  • Keosd: the component that securely stores Telos keys in wallets.
  • EOSIO.CDT: Toolchain for WebAssembly(Wasm) and a set of tools to facilitate smart contract writing for the Telos Zero blockchain.

If you are interested in learning more about the Telos Zero platform, please refer to our Telos Zero section, Telos Zero Overview.