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Creating an EVM address in Telos Wallet
How to create an account on the tEVM
To get started on the EVM, you'll need to create a Telos account and have TLOS in the account. Instructions for creating and funding a Telos account can be found in the Wallets & Accounts section.
You can skip this step by using a web3 wallet such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet etc. and depositing your TLOS from an exchange.

Creating a tEVM address

A tEVM address links your native Telos account to a newly generated EVM address. This address is unique to your Telos account. TLOS on the tEVM can be deposited and withdrawn from this tEVM address.
Once you've got a Telos account, creating a tEVM address is simple.
  1. 1.
    Go to the Telos web-wallet and log in with your Telos account.
  2. 2.
    Click on the "Generate EVM address" button.
3. You should now see your unique EVM address linked to your Telos account.
4. Alternatively, you can deposit to the EVM, and it will automatically generate a new address with the first deposit. This process is covered in more details in the next section.
You can also navigate to for more details.

Connecting Metamask

Telos EVM fully supports Metamask, a leading wallet for Ethereum based blockchains. In order to interact with the tEVM using Metamask, you need to add the network to Metamask.
The most convenient way to do this is via Chainlist, which curates a list of EVM networks. The Telos EVM mainnet and testnet are listed on Chainlist with ChainIDs 40 and 41, respectively. To add a chain to Metamask, connect your wallet and press the "Add To Metamask" button.
Now you are setup and ready to deposit, withdraw or send TLOS!
The Telos EVM mainnet and testnet listed on Chainlist.
If you want to add the networks manually, the values are as follows:
Chain ID
Block explorer URL
For more information on how to create a tEVM address, please click here.