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How to get TLOS
Using your Telos wallet.
In our previous section we included a link to a guided tutorial on how to create a Telos account and link it to a wallet (signer). In this section we are going to discuss how to obtain TLOS tokens.
TLOS token is both the governance and resource token of the Telos network and is used for voting on network wide governance ballots, managing transaction quota and purchasing RAM.
If you are new to crypto, you may not know the important difference between an exchange and a wallet. KuCoin is an exchange – we trust it fully, but we do not leave our funds there indefinitely. The aim of the process described below is to withdraw your TLOS into your digital wallet where you have full control of your funds. (We recommend Telos Wallet, and use Anchor as your signer.)
To acquire TLOS you can earn them or buy. In this article we explain how to buy TLOS on the KuCoin exchange, but you can use any exchange listed on CoinMarketCap or on PublicDomain
* You can view a video with screenshots and additional tips by Telos UK at
For more information regarding how TLOS tokens are used and their function on Telos blockchain, click here.
Follow our CEX, DEX, and Telos Native guides to send TLOS to your new Telos Native and EVM account.

TLOS for Mainnet

  • Exchanges:
    • Centralized exchanges such as Probit, CoinTiger and others
    • Swap from many exchanges via NewDex, learn more here
    • Crypto Locally - find someone in your country to purchase TLOS from.
    • NewDex - decentralized exchange with support for multiple wallets.
    • Full list of Exchange Markets available on CoinGecko.
Telos can be traded or swapped using these platform:
  • Worker Proposal System: the TLOS blockchain designates a fixed amount of TLOS tokens per month to be awarded to work proposals that receive enough votes. This feature gives projects that would otherwise have difficulty raising funds through traditional avenues the ability to persuade TLOS voters that their project is worthy of financial support by the community. Types of projects that have received funding in the past include event, DApps, core TLOS development, marketing efforts, charity, wallet development, education initiatives, and many others. Click here to see a list of recent proposals!
  • Contribute: there are plenty of projects and organizations that are looking for help, and many of them are willing to offer some compensation. Visit some of the TLOS related Telegram channels and ask around!
Example of a few WPS proposals that successfully received their requested funding

TLOS for Testnet

  • Testnet Faucet: Simply go to the faucet, insert your testnet account name, and click the "Send Testnet Telos" button. Your testnet TLOS tokens should arrive within a few seconds!

How to Bridge TLOS between different chains?

TLOS is the native coin of the Telos blockchain (like ETH is for Ethereum, BNB is for Binance Smart Chain). TLOS now exists on three blockchains – Telos, Ethereum and BSC. While TLOS is fundamentally used on the Telos blockchain, it is also added on other blockchains for reasons such as liquidity and exposure. They’re pegged 1:1 which means that 1 TLOS on Telos is the same as 1 TLOS on Ethererum (erc20) and BSC (bep20). You can bridge/transfer TLOS between blockchains as per your convenience and needs.
This article describes the two primary methods used to bridge TLOS. You will need a TLOS account.
For a guided tutorial on how to bridge TLOS between different chains, click here.
Feel free to visit the "Deposit, Withdraw and Send TLOS" section for more details.