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EVM Indexer API

The EVM Indexer indexes all EVM transactions, traces, accounts, blocks, logs for Telos EVM. It also indexes derived data such as token balances, nfts, approvals & transfers.

Our API exposing the indexer's data mainly uses swagger for documentation, you can consult it using the following URLs:

However we also implement some advanced fields, like the topics filter field, for which you will find the documentation below:

Topics filter

Two routes implement a filter by topics:

  • /contract/{ADDRESS}/logs
  • /event/{EVENT}/logs

Using the topics field of those route, this filter allows you to find rows by topics.

Single topic

{"topics[1]": {"_eq": "0x077511a636ba1f10551cc7b89c13ff66a6ac9344e8a917527817a9690b15af7a"}}

Multiple topics

{"_or": [{"topics[1]": {"_eq": "0x077511a636ba1f10551cc7b89c13ff66a6ac9344e8a917527817a9690b15af7a"}}, {"topics[1]": {"_eq": "0x0a24ea634Ce1f105E2cc7b89c13ff66a6ac9344e8a917527817a9690b15af7a"}}]}

Available operators

  • _and
  • _or
  • _ne
  • _eq