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DIA is a cross-chain data and oracle platform, specialising in the sourcing and delivery of customizable data feeds both on-chain and off-chain.

DIA’s architecture lays focus on transparency, customisability and scalability. By collecting billions of raw trading data ticks directly from 80+ sources including Centralized Exchanges (CEXs), Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), it enables full transparency customization control throughout the entire value stack, to fuel any web3 or web2 use case.

DIA aggregates ans array of assets covering over 20,000 assets and can source and deliver any publicly accessible data feed, eliminating the dependency on opaque and pre-aggregated data from third parties.

DIA’s data offering comprises cryptocurrency prices, NFT floor prices, fair value feeds for liquid-staked tokens, and random number generation, among others. All of DIA’s feeds can be accessed via web2 and web3 rails, including REST APIs, GraphQL, or blockchain oracles on 35+ blockchain networks.


Supra bridges real-world data to simplify and secure the smart contracts of financial markets.

Upgrade your smart contract with accurate, secure, stable, and blazing fast data feeds from Supra's cross-chain oracle solution.

Supra Oracles is a powerful cross-chain oracle network designed to power dApps across blockchain ecosystems with fast, secure, decentralized, and scalable data solutions. From DeFi to GameFi, our network delivers the data feeds and connections Web3 needs to reach its full potential.


RedStone delivers data you need at high-frequency and inherited security of the destination chain.

Three Oracles models tailored to your needs Choose data consumption model that fits best to your dApp with cryptographic security guarantees.

RedStone Core (Pull) Lowest gas costs, a few seconds of latency, dApp users deliver signed data packages on demand to the destination chain.

RedStone Classic (Push) Compatible with traditional Oracles, dApp gets full control over data source and update conditions (heartbeat and deviation threshold).

RedStone X (Zero-latency) Front-running proof, tailored for sophisticated protocols like Perps & Options, based on GMX design.