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Hardhat is an Ethereum development environment for flexible, extensible, and fast smart contract development.

You can use Hardhat to edit, compile, debug, and deploy your smart contracts to Telos.

Using Hardhat with Telos

To configure Hardhat to deploy smart contracts to Telos, update your project’s hardhat.config.ts file by adding Telos as a network:

networks: {
    telos_mainnet: {
        url: "",
        accounts: [process.env.TELOS_MAINNET_PRIVATE_KEY],
        chainId: 40,
    telos_testnet: {
        url: "",
        accounts: [process.env.TELOS_TESTNET_PRIVATE_KEY],
        chainId: 41,
defaultNetwork: "telos_testnet",

For a complete guide on how to use Hardhat to deploy and verify contracts on Telos, see Deploy and Verify Smart Contracts with Hardhat Deploy plugin.