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Introduction to Telos EVM

The Telos EVM offers a production-ready environment for developers looking to harness the power of Web3. With industry-leading speed, low fixed gas fees, and consistent uninterrupted uptime since launch, Telos EVM distinguishes itself as one of the few blockchains that is genuinely usable, accessible, and secure for all.

Building upon the popularity of Solidity and Vyper, Telos EVM seamlessly integrates standard EVM programming languages. It also includes an Ethereum-compatible JSON-RPC server that provides the API expected by Ethereum applications. Building on the Telos EVM will be a nearly identical experience to building on any other EVM, making it easy for developers to deploy smart contracts and dApps on the platform.

Why Choose Telos EVM?

  1. Cost-Effective: Telos EVM drastically reduces transaction costs to around 0.1% (1/1000th) of Ethereum fees, making it economically viable for both high-volume transaction applications and microtransactions.

  2. Speed: With block times of 0.5 seconds and efficient transaction processing, Telos EVM boasts industry-leading speeds of over 15,000 TPS.

  3. Transparency: The first-in-first-out mempool structure eliminates the potential for front-running and MEV, providing a fair and transparent ecosystem.

  4. Ethereum Compatibility: Telos EVM's compatibility with Ethereum's programming languages and APIs makes it easy for developers to transition and build upon their existing knowledge.

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