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Crown and Palette (Andrea)


Andrea, a talented multidisciplinary artist from Canada, creates beautiful and thought-provoking artworks that are inspired by themes of women's empowerment, astrology, and spirituality. Through her unique blend of 2D collage and AI mediums, she is able to create intuitive conceptualized pieces that inspire deep emotions and promote self-awareness. Andrea's work also serves as a safe space for healing and reflection, helping individuals connect with their inner selves and find their unique vibration within the collective. She has gained widespread recognition for her work, having been featured in numerous blogs, interviews, podcasts, exhibits, and galleries across the globe. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Andrea is also a community leader, hosting and moderating spaces for Joyn, and actively participating in various Web 3.0 communities. She is a proud member of these communities, and uses her platform to share her art and promote positive change in the world.

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Crown and Palette
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