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Minting on AreaX NFT

Like many marketplaces that offer the ability to mint creating a collection first is usually needed. So We will start there and then work our way to minting an Digital Asset.

Step I - Create A Collection

  1. Click on the "Create" button in site navigation.
  2. Select "Create Collection".
  1. Give your collection a title and description.
  2. Copy and paste URLs for for your collection images.
  3. Select a category for your collection.

You're given the option to upload up to four. In this example we uploaded 4 of the same just to give you an idea. But, we wouldn't recommend this.

These don't have to be your actual Digital Assets. They can just be promotional images for your collection. Our URLs are straight from piñata!

  1. Select a custom URL for your collection & check that it is available.
  2. Then "Buy" the URL for your collection. This will cost a few $tlos or less.
  3. You can then add any social media links that you'd like your collection to point to.
  1. Select the royalty amount you'd like to recieve.
  2. Input the wallet address you'd like the royalties to go to.
  1. Double check all of your information.
  2. Then press "Create" to create your collection!


Step II - Create An Item (Digital Asset)

Now that your collection is created, we can Mint an Digital Asset!

  1. Click "Create" located on the sites main navigation.
  2. Select "Create Digital Asset".
  1. On the Create Digital Asset page you can start by pasting in your Digital Asset URL.

We used piñata to host our Digital Asset's png files. You can do the same!

  1. Give your Digital Asset a title and description.
  2. Select the collection you'd like to mint it to. (We selection the collection we made prior.)
  1. You can add an external link if you'd like, but it is not neccesary.
  2. Next you can add different properties, levels, or stats to your Digital Asset.
  1. Once you've added the properties you want you can then press "Create for 1 TLOS" to mint your Digital Asset!

After you've minted the Digital Asset you can click on your profile at the top right to navigate to your Items to find your newly minted Digital Asset.




Now you can list it on the market.