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What is a Telos Block Producer Node

In the Telos network, block production and block validation are performed by special nodes called "Telos validator node". Validator nodes are elected by Telos stakeholders via DPoS Consensus Algorithm. Each validator node runs an instance of a Telos node using the nodeos service. For this reason, validators that are on the active schedule to produce blocks are also called "active" or "producing" validator nodes.

Follow this link to a full list of Telos on-chain Governance documents. This include a document which stipulates our minimum requirements for becoming a block producer and other documentation regarding Telos on-chain governance.

Before getting started as a block producer, you need to know a few things:

  1. A block producer needs to know it's role & fulfil the requirements.
  2. Having more block producers are healthier and better for the Telos ecosystem, especially block producers that are committed to transparency and being in a state of giving continuous contribution.
  3. Block producers are a core component of Telos network built on Antelope protocol.
  4. Below is the guide to get a node up and running as a block producer on Telos.

What is the role of a Telos block producer

  • Block producer nodes are decentralized entities that govern the Telos blockchain. block producer will produce the blocks of the Telos blockchain.
  • Telos block producers play a key role in the operation of the network.
    • They provide stability, reliability, security and extensive infrastructure coverage for Telos network.
    • Contribute to Telos development toolkits, so as to get noticed by the voters & stay in BP list eligible for incentives (in TLOS tokens).
  • Telos block producers verify transactions on the Telos network by collecting transaction data and storing that information in blocks.
    • Once a block is prepared, validators broadcast the block to the network for verification.
    • Block producers will earn block rewards in the form of TLOS tokens produced by token inflation.
  • Block producers are responsible for Telos infrastructure growth, community support and education, and financial support for development of Telos DApps.
  • Block producer need to participate in on-chain governance. For more, refer to this.
  • Block producer can have a look at the Telos rules.

The next section will discuss the different types of nodes on the Telos network.