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Telos Zero

Base Layer

Antelope is the open-source software platform that Telos is built upon. Antelope is the backbone of Telos as it provides functionalities such as consensus, accounts, authentication, state storage, P2P communication, and the very powerful WASM runtime. Telos has established itself as a high-powered open source Antelope chain and was the first to build an EVM on top of the Antelope IO base layer. WebAssembly provides a universal compile target that enables applications to be developed in any language. Currently, there are compilers for C, C++, RUST, and Typescript, catering to the needs of a diverse range of developers building smart contracts on the Telos Zero layers.

Resource Overview

  • RAM: A size-based resource an account can use to store data within smart contracts.
  • CPU: A time-based resource an account uses while performing smart contract actions.
  • NET: A size-based resource an account uses while sending data to the blockchain.

Governance Overview

The Telos blockchain is a highly inclusive network. It comprises contributors such as node operators, builders, and users responsible for on-chain governance decisions with TLOS. To ensure transparent governance and decentralization, Telos created the Telos Decide Governance Engine, a system designed to support on-chain voting with TLOS and any user-created tokens. Via Telos Decide, the token holders contribute to decisions around upgrading the Telos Zero and EVM protocol, voting on Block Producers, proposals, amendments, and elections.

Transfer TLOS From Zero to EVM

Transfer from Zero to EVM by following this guide Withdraw, Transfer, and Send TLOS