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Thirdweb is a web3 development framework that offers tools and services for building Digital Assets, games, and decentralized applications. Its Digital Asset tools include contracts for minting, collection management, and marketplace functionality. Thirdweb continuously adds new features and services to support developers in building successful Digital Asset projects. Key features of Thirdweb's Digital Asset tools include support for the efficient ERC721A standard, lazy minting to save on gas fees, metadata customization, and the ability to set royalties for passive income. With Thirdweb, developers can create Digital Asset drops, build Digital Asset marketplaces, and design Digital Asset-centric games. It's a user-friendly tool for deploying Digital Assets and creating engaging experiences. If you're planning to build a Digital Asset project, Thirdweb is a powerful starting point.


Using Thirdweb

Thirdweb has an unbelievable amount of documentation and video tutorials. We will drop links to those below for when you're ready to get started!

Thirdweb Developer Portal

Thirdweb YouTube Channel