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Indexing With Goldsky

Goldsky is a high-performance data indexing provider for Telos. Goldsky facilitates the seamless extraction, transformation, and loading of on-chain data to empower developers in both application and analytics scenarios. With a focus on two primary approaches—Subgraphs (high-performance subgraphs) and Mirror (real-time data replication pipelines)—Goldsky enhances the data capabilities for Telos developers.

See here for Telos specific documentation from Goldsky.

Key Features

1. Data Indexing and Deployment:

  • Enjoy serverless access to Goldsky's Subgraph and Mirror infrastructure.
  • Telos developers can efficiently index data via Subgraphs and replicate Telos data into their infrastructure through Mirror.
  • Benefit from advanced capabilities such as webhooks, no-code subgraphs, and multi-chain subgraphs.

2. Ecosystem Support:

  • Access 24/7 on-call engineering and customer success support.
  • Expect a 48-hour response time SLA on developer inquiries.
  • Telos-specific documentation pages are actively under development.

3. Continuous Improvement Commitment:

  • Fast-tracking integration of Goldsky's services to meet evolving developer needs.
  • Subgraph support is already live, with Mirror support coming soon.

Click Here for Goldsky documentation.