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What is a Treasury?

Treeasuries contain information like the current supply of tokens, the max supply, the group settings, and the name of the current manager. Note that tokens cannot exist on Telos Decide™ without an accompanying Treasury.

What is a Treasury Symbol?

All treasuries are identified by the symbol of the tokens they manage - also called their Treasury Symbol.

Note that Treasury Symbols contain the precision amount of the token as well as the actual ticker name. So a 1.000 TEST token would have a symbol of: 3,TEST. The number 3 for the three decimal places of precision, followed by a comma with no space, then the ticker symbol in all caps. Whenever prompted to supply a treasury symbol, remember to give it in this format.

Getting Started

Follow these steps to get started creating a Telos Decide Treasury:

1. Treasury Setup

Any user on Telos Decide may create a new token treasury, complete with all the features Telos Decide provides. Before creating a treasury, the creator needs to know a few things first:

  • Manager: the account that will be the manager of the treasury. This account is allowed to do things like mint new tokens, change settings, or lock the treasury.
  • Max Supply: the total number of tokens allowed to exist at one time. The treasury symbol will be extracted from this value (including the token precision).
  • Access: the accessibility of the treasury. This can be set to public, private, or invite. Public means that an account can register as a voter at any time. Private means the treasury manager will have to approve every new voter before they can register. Invite means any voter can invite another voter, provided the inviter is a registered voter themselves.

2. Send newtreasury() Transaction

Once the new settings are decided, the treasury is ready for creation. Actually creating it involves sending a newtreasury() action to the telos.decide contract and giving it your arguments like so:

cleos push action telos.decide newtreasury '["", "500.00 CRAIG", "public"]' -p

In the above command we are creating the public CRAIG treasury, managed by the account, and with a max supply of 500.00 tokens.

Note that sending a newtreasury() transaction can be done through almost any Telos block explorer, and even some wallets like Sqrl.

3. Managing A Treasury

After the treasury has been successfully created its ready to start holding ballots - but first we have to register voters and mint tokens, otherwise there won't be any voters with tokens who can participate on our ballots.

In order to mint tokens we have to have a voter to hold them, so let's go ahead and register ourselves. Registering new voters is done by sending a regvoter() transaction to the telos.decide contract. Similar to preparing for sending the newtreasury() transaction, we also need to know a few pieces of information first:

  • Voter: the name of the account to register as a voter.
  • Treasury Symbol: the symbol of the treasury to register for. This includes the token precision (the number of decimal places the token uses).
  • Referrer: the account that is referring the new voter, if any. If no referrer, then give null as an argument.

Depending on the access method, a treasury may require extra signatures from certain voters to qualify. Since we made our treasury public we don't need to worry about referrals.

cleos push action telos.decide regvoter '["", "2,CRAIG", null]' -p

Treasury Settings

transferableAllows tokens to be transferred.false
burnableAllows tokens to be burned by the manager.false
reclaimableAllows tokens to be reclaimed by the manager.false
stakeableAllows tokens to be staked.false
unstakeableAllows tokens to be unstaked.false
maxmutableAllows max supply to be mutated.false

Treasury Access

Access MethodDescription
PublicOpen to everyone
PrivateRequires referral by manager
InviteRequires referral by voter

Table Breakdown

Treasuries manage a lot of data, so it's important for managers to understand how treasuries work and how to read treasury information so they can best serve their voters.

Table: treasuries

Scope: telos.decide

supplyassetCurrent circulating supply of tokens.
max_supplyassetMaximum circulating supply of tokens.
accessnameAccess method for becoming a voter.
managernameAccount that can edit and lock the treasury.
titlestringTreasury title.
descriptionstringTreasury description.
iconstringIPFS cid or URI pointing to treasury icon.
votersuint32Number of voters registered.
delegatesuint32_tNumber of delegates registered.
committeesuint32_tNumber of committees registered.
open_ballotsuint16Number of ballots open for voting.
lockedbooleanLocked if true, unlocked if false.
unlock_acctnameAccount that can unlock the treasury.
unlock_authnameAuthority that can unlock the treasury.
settingsmap<name, bool>List of treasury-wide settings with on/off states.