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Understanding Telos Amend

Telos Amend is a Decentralized Document Amendment service for the Telos Blockchain Network. It allows any Telos holder to create text documents or links and allow a group of decentralized voters to propose amendments.

Service Fees

Fee NameFee Amount
New Document50.0000 TLOS
New Proposal10.0000 TLOS

The above fees are adjustable by a Block Producer multisig or a referendum by the Telos token holders.

Deposit into Telos Amend

To make a deposit to cover service fees, simply transfer TLOS to the amend.decide account. Telos Amend will catch the transfer and automatically create a deposit balance, if one doesn't already exist. Further deposits and withdrawals will automatically flow from this deposit balance.

Withdraw from Telos Amend

To make a withdrawal from Telos Amend, call the withdraw action on the amend.decide contract.