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Submit a Proposal


Category NameIdentifierDescription
MarketingmarketingMarketing content including audio, video, articles, etc.
AppsappsApps that interact with Telos.
DevelopersdevelopersDeveloper-specific content such as dev tools, libraries, modules, etc.
EducationeducationEducational material such as tutorials, guides, workshops, etc.

1. Draft a Proposal

To draft a new Telos Works Proposal, simply call the draftprop() action on the works.decide contract.

Parameter NameParameter TypeDescriptionExample
titlestringProposal title"Example Proposal 1"
descriptionstringProposal description"Short tweet-length subtitle"
contentstringProposal main content or link"someipfshash"
proposal_namenameName of proposalprop1
proposernameAccount name of proposercraig.tcd
categorynameCategory nameapps
total_requestedassetTotal requested funds50,000.0000 TLOS
milestones (optional)uint16_tNumber of milestones proposal is broken into5
cleos push action works.decide draftprop '{ ... }' -p proposer

2. Edit Milestones (Optional)

By default, proposals are drafted with an equal amount of TLOS for each milestone, but while the proposal is still in draft mode milestones can be edited to request specific amounts.

In the example above, we requested 50,000 TLOS across 5 milestones, meaning the default value for each milestone is 10,000 TLOS. These values can be edited to craft the most appropriate milestone breakdown for a given proposal. Here are a few examples:

Milestone NumberDefaultExample AExample BExample C
110,000 TLOS5,000 TLOS15,000 TLOS1 TLOS
210,000 TLOS5,000 TLOS1,000 TLOS1 TLOS
310,000 TLOS5,000 TLOS9,000 TLOS1 TLOS
410,000 TLOS5,000 TLOS20,000 TLOS1 TLOS
510,000 TLOS30,000 TLOS5,000 TLOS49,996 TLOS

Each lettered example above outlines a valid milestone breakdown for a proposal. It's up to the proposer to determine what structure would ideal for their project. In general, it's best to craft a proposal that asks for fewer TLOS up front, since those proposals require much less risk and the proposer has an opportunity throughout the early milestones to prove they can deliver results.

Note that there is a platform-wide cap enforced on the total requested TLOS for a single project. Editing milestones will automatically update this total requested amount and will only allow the proposer to request an amount less than or equal to the defined maximum.

cleos push action works.decide editms '{ ... }' -p proposer

3. Launch Proposal

When drafting has been completed by the proposer, the proposal can be officially launched. This will open voting to the public and prevent any further alteration by the proposer.

Parameter NameParameter TypeDescriptionExample
proposal_namenameName of proposalworksprop1
cleos push action works.decide launchprop '{ ... }' -p proposer

This action will charge a fee to the proposer's works.decide account balance. The fee is calculated as 5% of the total requested funding from the proposal, plus a flat 10 TLOS fee to cover the Telos Decide ballot fee.

Note that if the proposal manages to pass a certain acceptance and quorum threshold, the 5% fee will be returned to the proposer's account.

4. Vote On Telos Decide

Once the proposal has been launched, it will be open for voting on the Telos Decide platform. Any registered voter can cast the full weight of their TLOS tokens towards one of the following ballot options:

Option NameDescription
yesIndicates approval of the current milestone.
noIndicates disapproval of the current milestone.
abstainIndicates neither approval nor disapproval, but votes will still count towards the quorum requirement.

Note that in order to pass, a vote must achieve the pass threshold and the quorum threshold as defined in the Telos Decide config. The pass threshold represents the ratio of yes to no votes required, and the quorum threshold is simply the minimum participation required for the vote to be considered valid.

5. Close First Milestone

After the voting period has ended, it's time to close the milestone and allow Telos Works to render a decision based on the results. To do this, call the closems action:

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionExample
proposal_namenameName of the Works Proposalworksprop1
cleos push action works.decide closems '{ ... }' -p proposer

6. Submit Milestone Report

If the milestone passed, then the proposer must submit a milestone report before claiming funds. To submit a milestone report, call the submitreport action:

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionExample
proposal_namenameName of the Works Proposalworksprop1
reportstringLink to milestone report content"someipfshash"
cleos push action works.decide submitreport '{ ... }' -p proposer

7. Claim Funds

Finally, to claim funding from an approved milestone, call the claimfunds action:

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionExample
proposal_namenameName of the Works Proposalworksprop1
cleos push action works.decide claimfunds '{ ... }' -p proposer

8. Launch Next Milestone (If Applicable)

If there are remaining milestones left on the proposal, the next one can be launched with the nextms action:

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionExample
proposal_namenameName of Works Proposalworksprop1
ballot_namenameName of Telos Decide Ballot for next milestoneworksbal2
cleos push action works.decide nextms '{ ... }' -p proposer

This action will cost a flat 10 TLOS from the proposer's balance to cover the Telos Decide ballot fee.