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Manage Sections

Reorder Document Sections

Every section has a unique id number that indicates its order in the document. Document sections can be reordered with the reorder action.

ACTION reorder

Parameter NameTypeExampleDescription
document_namenamedoc1Name of the document to reorder.
new_ordermap<name, uint64_t>{ sectiona: 3, sectionb: 2, sectionc: 1 }The new section order
cleos push action amend.decide reorder '{ ... }' -p author

Delete a Section

To delete a section, the section content must first be amended to an empty string. Once empty, the author can call the delsection action on the contract.

ACTION delsection

Parameter NameTypeExampleDescription
document_namenamedoc1The name of the document with the section to delete.
section_namenamesectioncThe name of the section to delete.
cleos push action amend.decide delsection '{ ... }' -p author